2018 Goals

Every year it is a chance to start some new tasks and find inspiration to help you grow in the new year. I am preparing for 2018 myself. My goals for 2018 are

  • Work on my Business Plan 📃💡💵
    • As a woman looking to run and operate her own businesses I know it all starts with having a plan (doesn’t everything in life :-)). In order to develop some of my current businesses and some new ones I am going to spend a good part of the start of the year developing and expanding my business plans.
  • Lose 20-30 pounds 💪🏽
    • This goal is going to come with continued practice. Practice of continuing to nourish my body with natural foods that benefit my body. I will continue to abstain from eating meat, with a focus on eating food in its’ most natural state. Additionally, I plan to develop a regimen for my workouts and make then fun and bearable. I realized in the past, I don’t work out as I know i should because I am not happy in the gym: running or lifting weights. I want to make my healthy lifestyle practical and enjoyable. Nothing worth having is easy but my health and life are worth the work.
  • Practice Yoga at least once a week 🧘🏽‍♀️
    • I have been practicing infrequently for the past few months and it has brought back the experience that I love that is relaxing and grounding. When life is crazy, yoga can help to focus your mind and body on whats important. Once a week is the goal but more can only be more sustainable.
  • Practice Self Care daily 💆🏽‍♀️
    • I often find myself feeling drained. Going to work, cooking, cleaning, blogging, and other daily tasks can make the strongest person feel drained. To ensure this year that I pour into myself, I plan to practice some form of self care daily. Self care can be: a facial, bubble bath, aromatherapy, scalp massage, etc. I want to make sure I pour into myself just as much as I pour into other things in my life.

Comment below with some of your new year goals. I hope my goals motivate some of you to think hard about your new year, new start and decide to choose yourself in some aspect.

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