Hello 2015! Hello New Goals!!

I know I’ve been on hiatus for a while… but I’m back!!!

2015 had gotten of to a great start for me. I have been able to set my lifestyle and stay consistent. 2015 is my year of Focus: Self Love & Acceptance. 

In the past, I have always given to everyone else first and leave nothing for myself. I made a choice and it feels GREAT so far… 

The biggest goal for me coming into this year was to release some distractions and to take some time to focus on me. Letting go of some things that were holding me back has shown that they were just in my way.

So without further a do… Here are my goals for 2015:

  1. Master a workout schedule (min. 45 minutes x 5 days a week)
  2. Complete a spiritual reading plan (at least 60 days in length)
  3. Reduce leisure TV time to 1 hour per weekday
  4. Incorporate green smoothies for breakfast daily ( more on this in another post)
  5. Limit alcohol consumption (1 or 2 glass limit; stray from mixers; focus more on wine or simple (limited) ingredient drinks)
  6. Take an hour a day to meditate/journal
  7. Be more in the moment in my relationships
  8. Read books that are going to help me not entertain me.

I hope you all have enjoyed catching up with me in a quick post. As a part of my goals I will be using my blog as more of a journal (Goal #6)to express my thoughts and feelings.

I have more posts coming soon and on a regular basis! Thanks for staying with me.


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