The Key to Eating Healthy

One of the top New Years Resolutions is to start eating healthy. A great method of eating healthy is meal prepping. Continue reading to learn why you should meal prep.

Meal prepping is the process of selecting foods, cooking, and portioning in advance of the day you plan to eat the foods prepared. The most common meal prep day is Sunday, where foods for the week are prepped, cooked, and portioned for the weeks meals. Meal prepping can help to cut back on temptation of eating foods that may not help with health or weight loss.

Why should you meal prep is a question commonly asked and how do you meal prep? The answer I commonly respond with is :PLAN

In order to meal prep or eat healthy it requires some planning. Below are the steps needed to effectively meal prep:

  1. Plan your meals you want to eat for meals during the week.
    1. Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner
  2. Make a list of the ingredients needs for each of the items you are planning to eat during the week.
  3. Go to the grocery store and purchase the items you put on your list needed to prepare your meals (minus the items you may already have at home).
  4. When you’re home place your ingredients out for each dish you have to make.
  5. Begin cooking you item that requires the most time.
    1. I normally select recipes where I have different preparation methods (oven, slow cooker, pressure cooker, stove top)
  6. Work your way backwards with cooking items needed for the week.
  7. Once meals are cooked you can either store them in bulk or place meals in containers you will use to eat or transport to work or office.

When you have meals prepped in your fridge, you are less likely to eat junk. Also when you practice meal prepping, you only purchase what you need for meals, which means there will be no junk to eat. 


How do you meal prep? What inhibits you from meal prepping reguarly?

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