Top 5 Gifts for the Food Lover on your list

1. Oster JusSimple Juicer

I own one of these bad boys and when I say clean up is a breeze, it’s an understatement. Juicing has many health benefits but the common complaint about juicing is the terrible, time consuming, and often difficult clean up process. If you have a health conscious person on your list, this is a perfect gift for them that will allow them to expand their juicing experience without increasing their kitchen workload. Did I mention the pieces are dishwasher safe 😳. This is an easy no brainer.

2. Kitchenaid Stand Mixer

For the baker in your life, the Kitchenaid stand mixers are always on the list. This multi use product is a little more on the pricey side but it worth the investment. My grandmother has one of these things that is probably older than me. With all the attachments it can be used for more than baking cakes. There’s attachments for cakes, pies, cookies, pasta, potato masher, etc. The list goes on. This is a perfect gift if you are purchasing the gift for someone as a group, the receiver of this gift will remember your investment and possibly make regular baked goods for you. 🤗

3. Cast Iron Skillet (or set)

This is another purchase that your favorite cook will appreciate. They come on all sizes from a small egg fryer cast iron skillet to a cast iron bread pan. These are another item that last a lifetime when taken care of properly. They are even cost affordable. While in Target a few weeks back, I saw a few under the $20 price range. These are great gift exchange/Secret Santa gifts.

4. Contigo Autoseal Insulated Mug

I think my husband and I would be lost without our mugs. We use them year round and they make a huge difference for your loved ones who drink hot beverages: tea or coffee. The mugs tours being able to keep your beverages warm for up to 12 hours. This is a lifesaver for the home coffee brewer who gets to work and goes straight into meetings, forgetting their mug on their desk. No worries when they get back to it their beverage will still be the perfect temperature. The auto-seal feature has been my saving grace with this product. The auto lock keeps your drinks from spilling out or less you are physically pressing the button to drink from it. No more spills in your purse ladies. 🙌🏽

5. Dutch Oven

I received my first one last year and have forever been grateful since, thanks Mom 😘. For those not familiar with a Dutch oven, it can be used to begin cooking on the stove top and easily transferable to the oven. Hello, soups, chili, stews. I have been used mine to prepare my one-pan baked macaroni & cheese dish. This is another staple item any food lover & cook would cherish. I love my bright red one and can’t wait to accumulate more. Make meal prep a breeze.👩🏾‍🍳

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