I frequently like to test my willpower to do things I may not normally do. For the month of January I decided to participate in Veganuarya charity inspiring people to try vegan for January and throughout the rest of the year. Check out todays’ post for a review of how this challenge worked out for me.

Already being a vegetarian, I didn’t believe this transition would be hard, but boy was I wrong 🙁

I’ve always thought giving up eggs and cheese would be a hard thing for me to do but considering other animal-derived products is where it becomes really difficult. Being honest, I wasn’t able to complete the challenge due to traveling, not preparing my own meals, and frequency and eating out.

Due to my inability to stick to the plan and do the challenge completely. I have decided to stick with plant -based, vegetarian eating until I am back in a place and time where I can be 100% in control of my meals.

What willpower challenges do you take? Do you like challenging yourself? What would stop you from being vegan?


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