What’s In Your Cup

When making resolutions to lose weight or get healthy the one area most don’t consider are the beverages they are drinking. Some beverages choices can be just as detrimental, if not more, than some of the “bad” foods your may consume.

Drinks are just as important as the food you eat. Considering that water makes up most of your body, consider that most of the liquid you intake will be flowing in your body. Why not make a healthy choice when it comes to your beverages. Let’s cover a few of the common beverages people gravitate towards when trying to become healthy.

Diet Soda

I am sure you have read the articles and listened to the news about diet soda. Despite the information that is out there, According to the CDC, “nearly 1 in 5 Americans has at least 1 soda a Day.” The concern with diet sodas is the consumption of artificial sweeteners and drinking your calories. “Nearly half of adults and a quarter of children consume artificial sweeteners each day, according to the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.” They may be calorie-free but are they health risk free?

Low Calorie/ Zero Calorie Beverages

When looking to lose weight or eat healthy, the first thing most read/hear is to cut back on calories. The belief is lower calories = lower weight. This isn’t always the case. When looking for beverages (or even food for that matter) look for beverages that are nutrient dense, with ingredients your body can recognize and use.  There are several low and zero calorie beverages out there that are considered foreign in your body. These beverages use artificial “foreign” sweeteners and ingredients that your body can’t use or recognize.

Now you may be asking, what do I suggest for beverages. I suggest beverages that are as close to natural (just like my food) as possible. See the list below for some of my favorite beverages.

  1. Water (Plain or flavored)
    1. If flavoring water, add your own fruit, veggie, or herbs. This will keep the beverage calorie free. If you have to purchase water while out, grab plain to be safe.
  2. Coffee/ Tea
    1. I drink mine with no sweetener most often. If I have to use a sweetener, I use agave or coconut palm sugar.
  3. Juice
    1. Fresh pressed only
  4. Smoothies
    1. I love smoothies and its an easy way to ensure you get some added nutrition in your drinks. Make sure smoothies are made from whole foods and fresh juice not from concentrate or any add water type products.
  5. Wine/ Champagne (Adults only :-))
    1. Keep it to a minimum and within control. Alcohol calories can add up quickly.

Keep in mind this information/recommendation is 80% of the time. I am not always perfect. If you practice these recommendations regularly having other drinks 20% of the time shouldn’t jeopardize too much. The focus is to practice mindful eating & drinking.


What are some of your favorite beverages?

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